Inofolic contains myo-inositol (a naturally occurring substance found in all living cells) and folic acid. When taken at the recommended dose of 2 sachets per day, Inofolic provides 400mcg of folic acid (the recommended daily amount) and 4g of myo-inositol.
Two sachets, one in the morning and one in the evening preferably on an empty stomach.
Preferably mixed in a small glass of water. It dissolves easily in sparkling water and is pleasant to take. It should NOT be added to sweetened juices.
Less than 5 calories per sachet.
Clinical trials have shown that women with PCOS who take Inofolic regularly for 3 months improve their menstrual cycle pattern indicating that they are ovulating. Studies have also shown that Inofolic improves the pregnancy rate in women trying to conceive.
Yes. Some women with PCOS are started on the contraceptive pill to help with acne and excessive hair growth. Inofolic has been shown to help improve these symptoms of PCOS.
Minimum of 3 to 4 months should show benefit; ongoing for maintenance of benefit.
It’s recommended to be taken on an empty stomach.
It has a mild neutral flavour and can have a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice added to improve palatability.
Although taking two sachets at once is unlikely to cause any harm, we would recommend taking one sachets twice a day 12 hours apart for maximum benefit.
There is no evidence to show any negative interaction with medicines, however please also see answer below regarding folic acid. When taking any dietary supplement alongside other medication, it is always advisable to consult your doctor/ pharmacist.
The daily combined amount of two sachets of Inofolic is equal to 400mcg folic acid. Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin so ‘overdose’ is not a risk if you are taking an additional pre-pregnancy vitamin tablet that contains folic acid. Although safe, higher daily amounts must only be taken under medical supervision from your doctor. Some women are recommended to take higher doses of folic acid (if they have a raised BMI, a history of previous pregnancies ‘neural tube’ defects such as spina bifida or are taking anti-epileptic medicines).
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Even at much higher doses than those recommended, there are no side effects as Inofolic is a ‘natural’ food supplement.
Yes, Inofolic has been widely used in Europe for many years and has a well-recognised role in the treatment of PCOS symptoms from puberty to menopause.
Yes, your pharmacist can find it in their copy of Chemist and Druggist.